LB Marine International, the best ship crew manning agency for seafarers in India, has obtained the DG shipping RPSL, which oversees the placement of Indians ready for Merchant vessels. We are well-prepared with staff, techniques, virtual products, and more to handle full crew management of vessels.

We consider our seafarers as our greatest asset. We emphasize teamwork, creating an environment where both our seagoing and shore-based staff feel valued and part of a team. Our hard work, passion, values, and efficiency are reflected throughout the organization, ensuring the best possible service for our clients. The team is the most crucial element in boat management: the quality of seafarers on board defines the path to success.

Our Ship Manning Agency procedures:

Crewing is a key focus for us, with our office in Chennai and abundant resources of seafarers providing national coverage across India. The primary advantage of our crewing services is that the management of the crew remains with the owner/agent. We are one of the best maritime recruitment agencies in India.

Steps of Crewing:
  • Effective screening of seafarers
  • Access to a large pool of seafarers; with a wide range of experience on all vessel types
  • The ability to create pools of seafarers for specific owners and vessel types
Our other services include:
  • Documentation for joining crew member – Thus avoiding unnecessary travel costs to company.
  • Visa Application – We assist in documenting and applying for Visa of the candidates for Consulates and embassies available in Chennai.

LB Marine International is poised to play a crucial role in partnering with your company to efficiently source competent and able seafaring officers for your fleet of vessels. Leveraging our exhaustive database, we can identify and provide suitable officers and crew quickly. Our methodology for identifying and shortlisting the right set of seafarers, along with our comprehensive and up-to-date database, provides the perfect foundation for a successful partnership.

We commit to meeting all jointly agreed parameters and ensuring that the seafarers provided meet the quality, experience, and budget criteria set forth by your company, LB Marine International is your trusted partner for all your marine recruitment and shipping services.