Best Marine Crewing Agency

LB Marine International is an India-based Crew Sourcing Company founded by a group of seafarers and individuals from the delivery business in 2007. The organization is dedicated to providing quality Indian seafarers to various Management/Ownership organizations to man their vessels.

The company’s vision is to become a stable presence in the shipping industry, and we are intensely committed to offering the best services to seafarers and clients.  We highly value seafarers as our main assets and have sourced dedicated, well-trained, and committed seafarers for Our Principals. This encourages long-term employment, provides career-building opportunities, and builds professional yet personal relationships with the seafarers and their families.

What we do

We are your reliable international agent for comprehensive marine services and job opportunities. Our specialty is guaranteeing the smooth movement of commodities across borders, with a high focus on logistics management and customs clearance. With an emphasis on minimizing delays and optimizing efficiency, we offer freight forwarding, warehousing, and supply chain optimization services. As one of the best marine shipping companies, we are highly committed to customer satisfaction and professionalism.

Continuously, we sources officers from our extensive database for various types of vessels, including general cargo, container ships, bulk carriers, crude oil carriers, chemical carriers, PCC(Pure Car Carriers), LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) vessels, as well as vendor fleet, tugs, and exploration vessels. We also maintain a comprehensive database of seafarers seeking shore-based positions and have successfully assisted various principals in fulfilling our Human Resource requirements for these positions in various capacities.

Currently, our expertise lies in handling general cargo, feeder containers, and other dry cargo vessels. We are currently managing multiple vessels operating on the Indian coast and beyond, serving the offshore support industry and collaborating with offshore supply boat companies.

LB Marine International is your trusted partner for maritime shipping services and marine specialties in the shipping industry, offering global marine services and solutions for all kinds of vessels.

We understand the importance of a crewing management system to ensure smooth operations and prioritize import-export logistics in our services. This dedication to providing top-notch services to both seafarers and clients underscores our commitment to long-term success in the maritime industry and creating a strong presence as a marine shipping company. Discover a world of opportunities with LB Marine International and explore the vast possibilities in the sea jobs sector.